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Protect your building against damage from overflowing gutters with Gutter Grip®, a world patented gutter fixing system.

Gutter Grip® is a unique system that complies
with the strict Australian Standards and satisfies
the performance requirements of the Building and Plumbing Codes. Gutter Grip® can be used for
new or replacement gutters.
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Product Description

  • Gutter Grip® is a unique gutter fixing system designed to install eave gutters and provide a continuous overflow gap
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the Australian and New Zealand Standards
  • Designed to install eave gutters with a continuous overflow weir gap to meet the performance requirements of The Plumbing Code of Australia and The Building Code of Australia
  • The Gutter Grip® system is available in a convenient trade pack or bulk lots
  • The Gutter Grip® system consists of the gutter strip, gutter rod and gutter spacer
  • The trade pack has sufficient Gutter Grip® strips, gutter rods, spacers and screws and roof & gutter sealant to install 50lm of gutter
  • Universal one colour and suits the majority of gutter styles
  • Available in a choice of materials to suit your application:
    • ZINCALUME® steel- 200lm and greater from ocean
    • COLORBOND® Ultra steel - 101lm to 200lm from ocean
    • COLORBOND® Stainless steel -  0 - 100lm from ocean

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