Welcome To Gutter Grip

Welcome To Gutter Grip Welcome To Gutter Grip


Protect your building against damage from overflowing gutters with Gutter Grip, a world patented gutter fixing system.   

Gutter Grip is a unique system that complies with the strict Australian Standards and satisfies the performance requirements of the Building, Plumbing and National Construction Codes. Gutter Grip can be used for new or replacement gutters. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1.  How can I tell if my guttering has overflow protection?

        Inspect your guttering to determine if it has one of the following; 

  • Front bead of gutter is 20mm below top of fascia or
  • Has a 10mm gap between the gutter and fascia or
  • Has a flashing installed between the back of gutter and fascia

        If not, then your guttering has no continuous overflow protection.

2.  Do I need overflow protection?

      Yes, all gutter systems must be designed and installed with appropriate continuous overflow       methods to prevent water from entering the building. 

3.  Why do I need overflow provisions?

      Overflow provisions are required to meet the performance requirements of The Plumbing   Code of Australia (PCA) and The Building Code Australia (BCA).

4.  Does the Gutter Grip System comply with appropriate Standards?

      Yes, Gutter Grip System is manufactured to comply with The Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA)       and The Building Code Australia (BCA) and has been designed to enable guttering to be  installed with an appropriate continuous overflow method. i.e. front bead of gutter 20mm  below the top of the fascia or provides a 10mm weir gap between back of gutter and fascia or allows a flashing to be installed between  the back of the gutter and the fascia.

5.  How much does the Gutter Grip system cost?

      Gutter Grip System is competitively priced against alternate gutter fixing systems.

6.  Do I need to buy a different or unconventional type of guttering to use the Gutter Grip System?

      No, Gutter Grip is compatible with the majority of conventional gutters. 

7.  Where can I buy the Gutter Grip System?

       Gutter Grip is available from approved Gutter Grip Distributors.

8.  Is the Gutter Grip System easy to install?

      Gutter Grip is simple and user friendly to install.

9.  How long does it take to install the Gutter Grip System compared to other systems?

      Gutter Grip is quicker to install with overflow protection than competitive compliant systems. 

10.  Is the Gutter Grip System as strong as the spring clip system?

         Yes, Newcastle University testing found the Gutter Grip System to have superior strength  than all other fixing methods. 

11.  What colours are available?

          Gutter Grip is manufactured in one colour as Gutter Grip is not visible when installed. 

12.  How do I comply when retrofitting gutter with a 10mm weir gap, the roof will only  overhang into the gutter 40mm not 50mm as required?

       The 50mm overhang requirement is that the roof cladding projects 50mm over the fascia  not 50mm into  the gutter, therefore installing gutter with a 10mm weir gap has no effect ( it is  the same with stand off brackets ). 

        Note the 50mm overhang is a rule of thumb and is aimed at the low pitch roofs, say less than 5         degrees.  In these low pitched roof applications the roofs sheets ends are turned down to prevent capillary action. 

        Also, the 50mm overhang is of a benefit when using low fronted gutter to minimise blow back,        again, only a concern with low pitch roofs with low front gutters. Another benefit of high front gutters is the high front can provide a wind shield to minimise blow back.  


Gutter Grip® FAQS (pdf)